Believe It or Not, You May Need Them

Believe It or Not, You May Need Them

Everyone thinks that talking about sex means your a dirty person. You aren’t, not in the slightest. You should be comfortable in your sexuality, regardless of your sexual orientation. A lot of people think that they don’t need any sex toys, because if you add them that means you are a freak in the bed. That isn’t the case. Women for instance think that using a lubricant isn’t needed, but in actuality it is very much needed.

Even if you think that your body creates enough moisture you should still be using a lubricant. Slight tearing and ripping of the vaginal walls can occur without proper moisturising. You can find all sorts of lubricants, so there is something out there for everyone. Some lubricants are flavored, and scented, for those that like that kind of thing. You can also get lubricants that are warming both to the touch and during friction.

My favorite types of lubricants are the type that your male (or female partner) don’t know about you using. As a woman that has had children I have learned that my body has changed over time. I prefer the type of lubricant that is only slick when it is exposed to my personal wetness. It has no scent, and can be applied hours before intercourse. My partner doesn’t even know about it, as it just feels like me.

Other sex aids you could use are sexual toys. There are a wide variety of them, from vibrators, beads, feathers, and handcuffs. It’s a lot for someone who has never used anything like this, but these items can spice up a relationship both new and old. If you haven’t tried any of these types of things yet, you may want to give them a try. You would be surprised how much you enjoy them.

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